Be Original Tours

Be Original Tours

What is Be Original Tours?

Welcome to Be Original Tours. We are an independent company operating branches ¬†around the world. The world is a fantastic place and we want to share every exciting bit of it with you with a local’s insight. With our meticulously selected guides within the Be Original community, we connect travellers from all walks of life to our one-of-a kind tours.

We have been operating across the globe for nearly a decade, connecting independent local guides with travellers looking for fun and creative  experiences. Using our live chat feature, travellers and guides can not only connect, but forge personal relationships, allowing both parties the best experience possible. From historic walking tours, street art to food and wine, we make it all possible, bridging the gap between traveller and guide.

What sets us apart

We have an independent network of motivated, creative individuals who have successfully created a community of like-minded people with a passion for unique and extraordinary experiences that go beyond the regular machinations of travel. Our community of guides craft fascinating and memorable experiences for travellers by imparting local insight and expertise. Be Original Tours is the link that connects the two.

A truly local experience is important to us, and we are sure there are other curious souls out there that want the same. This is why we connect people with people rather than agents with customers. Our guides are authentic locals who welcome others to discover their favorite nooks and crannies, and often make friends or even lifelong connections through our unique travel experience.

Rewarding experiences with local guides:

Our community helps travellers escape the trap of commercial travel, booking agents and operators. We bring travel back to what it should be; a rewarding experience where you explore and discover the culture, history, language and location, all under the watchful eye of someone who knows it intimately. Be Original Tours is the missing link which makes all of this possible. Using our live chat feature, you can connect directly with our independent network of expert guides for a unique experience.