Original Berlin Historical Tours

We are happy to bring you the best free History tours in Berlin and beyond. This selection of free tours is great for getting to know history and culture. We think everyone deserves the right to their own history. The history of the world is owned by the people and therefore we support these free tours around Europe!

  • Free tours are a great way to minimize your touristic impact. By learning your way around the city, local customs, things to look out for, and how to stay safe upon arriving in a new city. Travelers can avoid dangerous or potentially harmful situations. Unfortunately, we have seen first-hand tourists acting with poor behavior, from climbing on monuments to annoying locals, we feel many of the impacts brought on by tourism in cities can be curbed by knowledge. A free tour is a great place to ask questions and learn the ins and outs of cities, their history, and important landmarks.
  • Free tours also bring people together. Travelers from all over the world are brought together to explore a new place and pieces of the world’s history. The ability to see history through the eyes of other people is an important part of understanding other cultures. Based on design Free Tours tend to be more social and interactive. This Free Tour design also encourages a whole new group of travelers to get involved in learning the cities history and culture. Suitable for any type of traveler, the “pay as you see fit” system is creating a whole new way to explore your holiday destination!

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