Where to Find the Best German Restaurants in Berlin, Germany?

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Considering a trip to Berlin, Germany, and looking to explore the rich and diverse German cuisine? You’re in for a treat! Berlin has a vibrant dining scene that offers a wide range of mouthwatering German dishes. From hearty schnitzels to delectable sausages, Berlin has it all. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some of the best German restaurants that should be on your must-visit list while in Berlin.

1. Zur Letzten Instanz

Taking a step into Zur Letzten Instanz is like stepping back in time. Established in 1621, this historic restaurant is the oldest in Berlin. Situated in the picturesque Nikolaiviertel neighborhood, it not only offers delicious German dishes like sauerbraten and Eisbein (pork knuckle) but also allows you to soak in the rich history of the city.

2. Schwarzwaldstuben

If you’re craving traditional Black Forest cuisine, head over to Schwarzwaldstuben. This cozy and rustic restaurant serves authentic German dishes with a focus on the flavors of the Black Forest region. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their famous Black Forest ham and cherry cake, known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

3. Borchardt

Located in the heart of Berlin, Borchardt is renowned for its classic German cuisine and elegant ambiance. This traditional restaurant has been serving Berliners since 1853. Be sure to try their signature Wiener schnitzel and beef roulade. Borchardt is frequented by locals and visitors alike, so a reservation is highly recommended.

4. Max und Moritz

For a taste of Berlin’s traditional and rustic charm, visit Max und Moritz in Kreuzberg. This cozy restaurant showcases classic German dishes with a modern twist. From hearty goulash to crispy pork knuckle, their menu is a delightful journey through German culinary traditions. Finish off your meal with an Apfelstrudel.

5. Lutter & Wegner

If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience, Lutter & Wegner should be on your list. Situated close to the famous Gendarmenmarkt square, this elegant restaurant serves refined German cuisine paired with an extensive selection of wines. Indulge in their mouthwatering veal liver or try their famous Tafelspitz, a traditional boiled beef dish.

6. Gasthaus Krombach

Located in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, Gasthaus Krombach offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a traditional German pub. Their menu features classic German dishes, including hearty stews, sausages, and schnitzels. Don’t forget to sample their selection of German beers, like a refreshing Berliner Weisse.

7. Alpenstück

Alpenstück is the place to go for a taste of German cuisine from the Alpine regions. This charming restaurant in Mitte serves hearty Bavarian and Austrian dishes. From crispy Wiener schnitzel to creamy Kaiserschmarrn, Alpenstück transports you to the mountains of Germany. Make sure to try their homemade pretzels and sausages.

8. Zur Haxe

Zur Haxe is a cozy restaurant located in Friedrichshain, serving some of the best pork knuckles in Berlin. Their succulent roasted pork knuckle, accompanied by sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, is a must-try. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect place for a comforting German meal.

9. Zur Bratpfanne

For a taste of authentic German bratwurst, head straight to Zur Bratpfanne in Kreuzberg. This no-frills restaurant specializes in sausages and offers a variety of mouthwatering options. Whether you prefer classic pork bratwurst or adventurous flavors like currywurst, Zur Bratpfanne has you covered.

10. White Trash Fast Food

Looking for something unique? White Trash Fast Food is not your typical German restaurant. This quirky spot combines American diner-style comfort food with a punk rock atmosphere. Indulge in their delicious burgers, crispy onion rings, and refreshing cocktails while enjoying live music performances.

These are just a few of the many incredible German restaurants to explore in Berlin. From historic establishments to modern twists on traditional cuisine, Berlin has something to offer every food lover. So, make sure to try at least a few of these restaurants to embark on a delicious culinary journey through German flavors.




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