Warsaw Sightseeing Guide

About Warsaw:

Spring in Poland is believed to be the best place for a vacation. There are diverse amazing locations all throughout the country- But if one doesn’t visit Warsaw then you miss the best place ever. The city is one of the oldest among entire Europe, thus envisaged many untold stories in it. The city was smashed to dust in the WWII, and it was followed with a Communism invasion.

The town possess loads of fun and reflects life full of passion and enjoyment. If one visits the place then this city would surely provide you a boost to live life to the fullest. This is THE perfect destination to visit for splendid architecture, cheap shopping and trust me, the quality dishes in the restaurants would surely bring positive effects to your hunger. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to visit the most awaited, amazing place with your family and friends.

Know the best time to visit

The best time to visit Warsaw is summer, although mass remains there till September in all top notch cities. Cities like Warsaw often remains crowded with people throughout the year. However, for a family visit, the ideal time would be March and April. The climatic condition ideally is energetic thus your visit would be the best.

warsaw square

Summer of Warsaw



Eye-catching places – Must Visit

Warsaw is a destination having different historical milieu, which is poles apart from all other destinations of Poland. There are two locations in the city. One is the older part of the city, whereas other one is the newly urbanized part. A nice contrast of the city can be visible from some of the hotel rooms. Apart from these, there are many things to be viewed in the city.


  • Visit the historic old town from Castle Square. It is a hub for tourists who gather around to watch street performances, rallies and even concerts.
  • warsaw castle sightseeing
  • Barbican city wall is a wonderful place mostly visited during a morning walk. You will experience an old structure of city boundary. The revolt against Nazis has been depicted in the form of Monuments. This is a nice place to visit among all the top locations in the city. Evening is also a very good time to visit the location. The place is surrounded with good numbers of clubs – so experience a perfect polished night life.
  • Palace of Culture and science is a gift from the Soviets to the Polish- is there in the City since 1950. It is still one of the tallest buildings of Europe, which must not be missed by any chance. Platinum Club and Klinika are near to it. So you can visit the tallest building of Poland after the sunset and get to the clubs to experience the happening club culture.

warsaw travelwarsaw night

Palace of Culture and Science: Tallest Building of Warsaw

warsaw history tour

  • Church of Holy cross is one must see destination in Warsaw, which is a 17th Century Church at the heart of the city. One of the most popular clubs of Warsaw, Saturator is not fat far from the location. Get there at night and enjoy the dance floor with a champagne.
  • Fryderyk Chopin museum: If you are a fan of the arts of Fryderyk Chopin, you can visit the museum named after him, where all the works are displayed in audio and visual form. Kokomo strip club is one prime attraction for the tourists, near to this location. Beware of the drink price here, since they impose extra charges on the tourists.
  • National Museum of Warsaw is a worthy place of visit. There are innumerable works out there, and is exceptionally large to be covered in a day. Late night is also a good time to visit the place. You can get to Lemon, the informal night club – enjoy the drinks and informal dance out there.

warsaw garden

Copernicus science centre, Army museum, Saxon Garden and Copernicus Planetarium are some of the destinations, where you and your family will make the most fun.

  • Zegrze Reservoir– Visit the reservoir formed due to a dam construction. Enjoy boating and many other water activities including windsurfing. It is in the northern part of the city, where you will also find some of the best night clubs.
  • Russian Military fort– Get to one of the oldest museum of the city. It is better if you get there in evening. One of the best night clubs of the city, Klinika is there in the fort. Enjoy the nightlife of your dream!
  • Warsaw Zoo– Kids will love the location very much, filled with Lions, wolves, elephants and even the hippos. You can spend a complete noon out there. It will take time to be covered for its size.
  • Teatr Wielki– Visit the national opera of the city. You will love the museum within the hall, where you can get a brief history about art and cultural movement of the polish.

Stay at the best locations

There are many hotels in the city, spread all around. If you are willing to stay at a luxury hotel, then Novotel Centrum or Hotel Bristol are among the perfect choices. However, the best rating is given to Oki Doki and Warsaw Downtown, since the best city view is available from the hotel rooms.

Places to enjoy your lunch and dinner

When you are travelling, You definitely must be looking to taste the mouth-watering local dishes. Right? Why wait then? Get to the bar Mleczny to taste the authentic food.  If you are a fan of Pierogi, Zapiecek must not be missed by anyway. Have one or two shots of Vodka at Ulubiona. Pawilony is a paradise pub for drinks lover where you can choose from the delightful Menu!

Sizzling nightlife in Warsaw

Platinium Club Warsaw

warsaw club

Warsaw is a destination filled with intense fun and merry. Nightclubs for different age groups are buzzing in the town. You will find Regeneracja, where people of age group 30-40 gather with their drinks. On the other hand, clubs like Plan B, Baker Youth club and Platinium are a hit among the youth where young singles move their bodies with the taste of champagne. If you love to experience a nightlife beyond the better and best, you will need to cross the river and reach Praga, where intense fun is waiting to mesmerise you.

Plan your trip, Just let your soul be there and feel the magic of one of the oldest cities of Europe!


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