Traveling to Amsterdam FAQ


What’s this all about then?

We are a small collective of enthusiasts, history buffs and art lovers working together to share our passion for our city. Our goal is to give every traveler a chance to get to know Amsterdam, it’s fascinating history and experience it in its true glory. We’re not going to simply point out monuments and show you where to eat & shop (although we have great tips if you ask)

What do we see?

A lot. The route that we follow every day gives us the chance to explore different areas of Amsterdam. Among others, the sites that we see include the Red Light District, Hidden Churches, Nieuwe Markt, City Courtyards and much more.

Will we be entering museums on this walking tour?

No. There is a separate ticket for all museum and there are official tour guides that operate inside sites and museums. Our walk will be an ideal introduction to the city of Amsterdam, so -if you’re on a tight schedule- be sure to factor some extra time to visit the Amsterdam Museum, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, and many others.

Is the walk tiring?

No. We follow an easy pace and since there are so many sights to stop and see, this means that there are less than five minutes of continuous walking between stops. Our carefully planned routes make it possible to have a great experience and avoid over-crowded spots.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not really. We suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes, have a bottle of water with you and of course an umbrella or a raincoat for the lovely rain showers that are part of the Amsterdam Experience. On hot days don’t forget your hat and also to put sunscreen on!

How long is the tour?

The walk takes 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on how much of a history buff you are! We love questions! The tour also ends at the Dam Square so you can navigate the city easily once it’s finished.


How much?

This is an FREE tour and if you decide to tip the guide there is no fixed amount, just know that your contributions to support us are greatly appreciated so feel free to tip as much as you want.


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