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Original free Amsterdam Tours seeks to bring a real Amsterdam experience to those that visit the city. Our goal is to bring this experience to wider audience, in hopes of promoting this great city and allowing anyone to see what makes it so great.

We encourage everyone to try one of our free walking tours. From young to old rich and poor everyone deserves a chance to see how amazing Amsterdam is, and we love to provide this opportunity!

Come explore the hidden side of the city on one of our Alternative Free Amsterdam tours. Guests will have a chance to look at some amazing street art from local and international artists. The free tours also focuses on counter culture, music, food, clothing, and recreation. Our tours will head into many local areas and explore some parts of the city that many tourist do not know about. Come see what locals love about this place on the Free Amsterdam Alternative Tours.

We are a small collective of enthusiasts, history buffs and art lovers working together to share our passion for our city. Our goal is to give every traveler a chance to get to know Amsterdam through our Original free walking tours, it’s fascinating history and experience it in its true glory. We’re not going to simply point out monuments and show you where to eat & shop (although we have great tips if you ask)  


 There’s nothing like an evening stroll around a new city. Especially when it’s a stroll through Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District. Also known as De Wallen. As the city’s least understood area, taking a guided free walking tour is definitely worth it. A trip to Amsterdam isn’t a true trip without a stop to this neighborhood. Learn interesting facts about the Red Light District.   

Be Original Tours in Amsterdam

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