Be Original Tours in Amsterdam

About Amsterdam Tours

Original Amsterdam Tours seeks to bring a real Amsterdam experience to those that visit the city. Our goal is to bring this experience to wider audience, in hopes of promoting this great city and allowing anyone to see what makes it so great.

We encourage everyone to try one of our free walking tours. From young to old rich and poor everyone deserves a chance to see how amazing Amsterdam is, and we love to provide this opportunity!

Meet some of our tour guides:



I moved To Amsterdam from New York one year ago. I was looking for a new work adventure and the chance to meet new people when I ran into Original Amsterdam Tours. Ever since, I have really enjoyed meeting new people and showing them what I appreciate most about the city of Amsterdam, especially my favorite bars and clubs to hang out in.


I grew up in the U.S., but after studying Philosophy for two years, I decided to travel Europe. After just a couple of weeks, I loved the change of scenery so much that I began to seek out a job to fund a longer stay in Europe. So, what was meant to be a quick three month trip around Europe has turned into an amazing stay, guiding tours in Budapest and Amsterdam. I’m now guiding the Bar Tour and the Alternative Walking Tour and showing tourists and travelers the best hidden corners in Amsterdam, particularly those places they may have never found on their own.


I like long walks on the beach, am instantly distracted and love anything that can get my attention. After 8 months of travelling, volunteering, hippy communes, hiking, partying, cycling, and hitch hiking – I came to Amsterdam for love, I stayed for the city. It took no time at all for me to fall in love with the culture of the capital. I was quickly emersed in the alternative scene of late nights, festivals, locals and insanity. It’s now my pleasure to show people what A’dam is all about and pay it forward giving the insider’s edge hosting tours.


The first memory Otto has is looking in the mirror and realizing how incredibly handsome he is. Otto Nooitgedacht is perhaps the most Dutch Dutchman where all the stereotypes are based on! Otto grew up in an old farm between two cow fields in a real Dutch “Polder” surrounded by dikes. He is tall, has Dutch blonde hair and blue eyes, he practically came into his earth riding a bike. He, is addicted to cheese and milk and owns multiple pairs of wooden shoes. Now when he is not flashing with beautiful models at his job as a nightclub photographer, or busy researching the human mind in his studies of psychology, he is providing people with the authentic Amsterdam experience with his “Amazing Stroopwafels Quiz”