Top 10 European Travel Gay-Friendly Destinations

Traveling in Europe is always a dream of many. However, for gay couples, this is not always an option. In fact, many countries are not gay-friendly whatsoever. Luckily, there are actually many cities sprinkled throughout Europe that are great for these types of travelers. Here are the top ten you should consider for your trip.

Paris is the romance capital of the world. So, it is no wonder that it caters to couples of all backgrounds. Along with offering an amazing array of gay clubs and bars, Paris also has special hotels and rentals that cater to gay couples. The city even has special events during the month of June dedicated to gay pride.

If you are looking for other gay friends to mingle with, London is definitely the place to visit. Not only does it offer an ever changing gay scene, but it is actually home to the largest group of gays and lesbians in all of Europe. Clubs and bars are also plentiful in London, but you can also take in an unlimited number of plays and museums.

Dublin has always offered a vibrant gay scene, even before it was decriminalized in 1993. In fact, not only is the favorite for president gay, it is actually dedicated to recreating itself into a leading gay city. It offers a lively scene for travelers to enjoy and clubs that are open nightly.

Belfast has quite a bit to offer the gay traveler. In addition to saunas, clubs and hotels that cater to gay travelers, there is also a Gay Pride Festival that is held annually. Here, gays can interact with others and enjoy celebrating their freedom.

Budapest is a great city for those who are looking to relax. The city offers a great selection of hotels that are gay-friendly as well as saunas and beaches. There are also a large selection of gay nightclubs and bars to visit while on vacation here. Plus, the city is one of the most beautiful in Europe, so sight-seeing is another fantastic thing to do here.

In Amsterdam, gay travelers are able to find just about anything they could want in the way of entertainment. As with most other cities, bars and nightlife is booming here. However, you can also find beautiful scenery, romantic settings and historic museums to enjoy.

One thing that’s great about Vienna is that its gay society is extremely authentic. It is truly welcoming of the gay traveler, which is definitely a bonus when you visit this city. Along with simply being a beautiful city, there are plenty of things you can find to do here. For example, it is the home of some of the greatest music, art and architecture in the world.

This unique city is often compared to Venice. If you are traveling to this city, you can expect to experience a fairly romantic setting. Like Venice, the city is actually completely infused with water, being made up of 14 islands. The city boasts of a fun gay scene, and you can expect a lot of vibrant fun in this city.

Beauty is something that all travelers will enjoy taking in when they visit Prague. During the day, you can take in any number of the museums that are in the city. At night, the opera is available. Along with these fantastic options, the city also has a number of gay bars and clubs to enjoy that go along nicely with its vibrant gay scene.

One great thing about Barcelona is that you will be able to enjoy some of the greatest food in the world inside its borders. It offers a huge variety of culture and traditions, which makes it extremely unique to the rest of Spain. If the city was known for one thing, it would be its art and architecture. Many of the world’s best architects made their home here. When it comes to gay-travelers, the city is definitely friendly. It’s night-life is something you will want to check out if you visit.

So, when you are looking for gay-friendly travel in Europe, make sure you keep these ten places high on your list. You will find that there is plenty to do and see in these fun locations.


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