Spanish Walking Tour & Canal Cruise


The perfect combination to enjoy Amsterdam. Start your trip with a walking tour through the streets of Amsterdam and complete your visit with a cruise through the canals. 


For only 24€ per a person get to know Amsterdam on a walking tour and canal cruise.  The walking tour runs every day at 10AM and is only available in Spanish. The walking tour departs from Beursplein and concludes near the Anne Frank House. Time tables for cruises vary depending on the season.

The approximate duration of the walking tour is about 2.5 hours, but can vary depending on your guide and tour group. Maximum group sizes are of 20 people.

At the end of the walking tour our guides will give you your ticket to enjoy an hour boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam. You can do the cruise at the end of the tour or when ever you want during your stay in the city.

Departure points for cruises are in front of Central Station.

The timetable for cruises are as follows:

Summer season (March 23 – October 30):
Daily every ± 15 min. from 09.00 – 22.00 h.
Winter season (October 31 – March 22):
Daily every ± 30 min. from 09.30 – 21.00 h.


Reservations 24h in advance are required so make sure to book ahead!