Live Jazz in Prague

If you are a jazz fan or really a music fan in general then Prague is a great place for you to visit. There are numerous clubs around town ranging from small, to massive. Some have live music everynight and other have special concert and events. There is even a Jazz boat cruise where you can see the sights floating down the river all while enjoying a drink and listing to some live jazz. Here are some of our favorit places in town to hear live Jazz

Jazzdoc – The Jazz doc is a great warm weather Jazz venue as it is located as the name suggests right on the doc by the river. This place has some great live jazz and is an amazing venue. Check out the event listings to see whats coming up next.

Jazzrepublic – This place is located rigt by the Můstek – B and offers live jazz music every night! The bands vairy but are also jazzy and offer some great jam music. The price to enter is free for students and around 5€ other wise so its well worth having a beer and enjoying some live music any night of the week.

Jazzboat- This is the famous tour boat that takes off just about everyday depending on the weather. There is inside and outside seating with great views of the city. Beer is a bit more expensive then in the rest of the city but hey your on a boat with live jazz music! Head here to check them out a little more.

Reduta – This is one of the most famouis jazz clubs in Prague. It is situated right in the center of the city and is involved in music and theater. It became extremly famous for hosting an inpromtu jazz concert by Bill Clinton the ex-unisted states president.


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