Tour Details

When: 11:00 am every day
Where: Budapest, Starbucks @ Budapest,
Deak Ferenc u. 23, 1052
Price: Free

The Free Original Budapest walking tour

The Original Free Budapest Tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with Hungary’s capital and largest city. Learn about the extensive history of Budapest and also about modern day life within the city. The tour covers famous Budapest attractions, including significant historical sights and areas. Our guides will entertain you with stories of past wars, triumphs, and tragedies

This tour is a great way to learn how to get around Budapest and the different areas in the city. Socialize with other travellers and discover the rich history the city has to offer, from the beginnings of the Hungarian Nation to the Medieval era, through the Mongol and Ottoman invasions, the time of empires and Millennial celebration. Enjoy the city while you discover it’s past. So come and see Budapest with us and enjoy a fun-filled informative tour of the city. Learn the ins, the outs, the ups, and the downs, of this beautiful place we call home with the Original Free Budapest Tour!

Our walking tour guides

Our guides are the best in the business. They will also talk about where to find good restaurants, fun bars, live music, or the best clubs. Our guides are active in the city and can provide some great insider knowledge. So come with a group or come alone, this is a social tour and there will be plenty of time to make new friends!

This free Budapest tour takes 3 hours and features the main historical sites

This historical tour visits many of attractions, and historical sights, but along the way our guides will share stories, and information about famous events, people, music, and architecture. In this way, no tour is exactly the same, and you are guaranteed a unique experience with your fun and informative guide.

  • The Parliament
  • The Chain Bridge
  • Buda Castle
  • Matthias Church
  • Saint Stephen’s Basilica
  • The Fishermen’s Bastion
  • Liberty Square

Meeting point details

The free Budapest tour meets daily @ 11:00 am Budapest, Starbucks @ Budapest, Deak Ferenc u. 23, 1052