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The Free Barcelona Walking Tour is the best way to learn about the history and culture of this magic Catalonian Capital, Viva Barcelona!


The Free Barcelona Walking Tour is a great way to explore the Catalonian capital. Barcelona is full of history, architecture, and all kinds of interesting art and culture. Barcelona is the capital of a region known as Catalonia and not only is the language different from the rest of Spain but so is its history and culture. This tour takes you back through different periods of history, revealing how each era has shaped the city and its people. The Free Barcelona Tour is a step in the history of this capital city.

Join a local free Barcelona Tour guide as they take you through many areas of the city. These local guides love Barcelona and make history come to life around every corner. Pointing out major landmarks and interesting sites as the group walks, the local guides are also a great source of information on what's going on in town. Don't hesitate to ask questions about Local events, the best food, nightlife, and pretty much anything else you can think of is worth asking. Each guide has their own passion for the city and presents their tour to in a slightly different way. In this way all our free Barcelona tours are original.

The Free Barcelona Walking Tour is around 3 Hours


free barcelona tour guided walking
Free Tour Barcelona
Free Barcelona Tour

The Gothic Quarter

Basilica of La Mercè

​​del Mar The Catastrophe of Tetuán

​​Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics

​​The Generalitat

​​Fossar de les Moreres

​The haunted metro station

Church of Santa Maria

​Columbus Monument

​​The Monumental Bullfighting Ring

​​The Industrial Revolution in Catalonia

​​Arc De Triumpf

​El Cap de Barcelona




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Barcelona is a great city to explore for history and cultural buffs. There is literally amazing pieces of history just around every corner. Join our local guides as they make the past come alive on a walk through the Capital of Catalonia.

Original Free Barcelona Tour

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Amazing tour

I came to Barcelona for a citybreak and I wanted to learn more about the city. I met Valentin and he took me for a tour in the Gothic Neighborhood. I discovered many places with interesting stories and he gave me a lot of tips of how to enjoy the city. I highly recommend to anyone to explore the city this way.

hadleywhite16 Bangor, Maine

Made a short trip to Barcelona a great one!

My friend and I were visiting the city for just a couple days, and since it was a last-minute stop, we hadn't really planned out what to see or where to go. We ended up being the only two in our time slot for the tour, which made for a really personal experience. Our guide, Kate, was friendly and well versed in the history of Barcelona, as well as the sights and the best places to go for food, drinks, and activities. She made great conversation with us and was happy to answer questions. The tour really felt like it was based on what we wanted to learn about, see, and explore. We passed by a street parade and Kate decided we could jump in while we continued our walk. I felt like we saw and learned about things that we wouldn't have if we'd just googled our way around the city. At the end of the tour Kate offered suggestions for other places we could go around the city to eat and sightsee, so the tour really extended past the 2 hour walk. I would absolutely recommend taking an afternoon to walk around with this group, and I can't wait to come back to Barcelona to explore more of the places we saw!