Dublin Sightseeing Guide

Holding majority of the medieval buildings and being the home to the Irish Film Institute, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is an amazing place to spend holidays. It is also known as the principal shipping area for the shopaholics.

Tourism in Dublin

things to see dublin
The destination of Dublin will take you through places and make you do things that you have never experienced or done before. Stop by a book store to enjoy the most peaceful time or buy a priceless Irish gift for your loved one. There are plenty of reasons to roam on the streets of Dublin. The friendly nature of locals and moderate culture of the city allure the travelers from different parts of the world.
Despite the strong history and culture of Ireland, Dublin welcomes people wholeheartedly and shows flexibility in adapting to trendy fashionable styles. One of the activities that attract most tourists is to drink a cup of delicious coffee or the traditional pint of stout. The capital has encouraged travelers enormously in the recent times.
Dublin popular attractions to spend the most memorable holidays:

Famous Museums in Dublin

1. Isaac Butt:
issac butt
It is the founder of the Home Rule Movement in Ireland. The museum is built in memory of the famous politician and nationalist leader, Isaac Butt. He was also a renowned lawyer.
2. The Ark:
the ark
The museum is mostly filled by children aged 2-12. They love to explore the theatre, music, art, film, literature, dance, and various other activities. It is the place for the travelers to keep their children occupied for few hours.
3. Dublin Writers Museum:
writers museum dublin
The Writers Museum is one of the most beautifully illustrated museums in the world. It is globally recognized for four Nobel Prize winners. Many young writers get inspired and love to discover some of the great works by the renowned writers.

Popular Parks in Dublin

1. St Anne’s Park:
st anne park
It is one of the largest parks in Dublin. You will find it on the northern side of the city. Unlike the other normal green parks, St Anne’s park is known for its sports and other recreational activities. The maintenance of the greenery is commendable.
2. St Stephen’s Green:
st stephens green
This park is situated in the heart of Dublin. Although, the park is in the center of the city, it will take you away from the hustle bustle of city life. You will find a good number of local joggers, walkers, dog walkers and peace lovers here.
3. Iveagh Gardens:
iveagh gardens
The beauty of these Victorian gardens is splendid! It is known for its lush green views, colorful flowers, shady trees and iconic picnic spots.

Popular Shopping Areas in Dublin

1. Lush:
The trendy culture and lifestyle welcome you to become a fashionista in Dublin. The streets and stores will magnetize you in the spirit of shopping. The concept of Lush store deals with a variety of beauty products and amazing clothing culture.
2. Grafton Street:
grafton street
It exists on the south side of the Liffey. The street holds an array of shops, boutiques, and pubs to enjoy shopping with friends. You will also find some awesome deals on the street side stalls.
3. Urban Outfitters:
urban otfitters
This is the place meant for unique shopping ideas such as; rude birthday cards, funky clothes, trendy ashtrays, and much more.
Nightlife in Dublin
1. The Twisted Pepper:
twissted pepper
Dublin holds major attractions in its city nightlife, due to a wide range of music and amazing atmosphere. The Twisted Pepper remains on the top. The music scene here is completely different. Apart from the colorful cocktails, you will love the rum served here.
2. The Grand Social:
grand social
This club has become a mecca for live music. It is one of the liveliest and happening clubs in the city. Recently, the club was voted as Dublin’s best live music venue.
3. The Village:
the village
The village is meant for weekend get-togethers. It operates as a nightclub as well as a live music bar. From electro to Bollywood music, you have everything to ask for.


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