Buying Irish: The Gift Guide for visitors

Dublin is visited by millions every year, and they all have one thing in common. When visiting Ireland we always leave someone back home. Be it family, friends, or co workers, there is always a reason to bring something back as a gift. We encourage you to buy Irish and no matter what treasure you are looking for to bring back we hope we can give you some good ideas and some great places to find them!

Lets start off by putting you in the right direction, the number one place in Ireland (and online) to buy some great Irish or Dublin souvenirs is Carroll’s Irish Gifts.  With 10 plus stores in Dublin this Irish owned gift buyers dream has ten locations in Dublin alone. They one of the leading retailers of quality Irish clothing, jewelry, souvenirs and gift product. Once you visit Dublin you can’t miss some of these famous stores. In business for over 30 years Carroll’s stocks thousands of Irish gifts and souvenir products. Lets get to some of our favorites!


Aran Irish Knitwear

irish gifts

This fancy form of knitting is particularly heavy and produces a stylish finish. Created of the coast of Ireland on the Aran islands, this is one great way to keep warm. They are long lasting and made of very high quality. You can find them throughout Ireland and some of the best can be found and the many corroll’s Irish gifts stores around town.


Irish and St. Patrick’s day stuff



This really is called stuff because it comes in all shapes and sizes. The amount of st. paddys day things you can buy here is overwhelming, but just remember that it won’t be available back home so stock up on it now (unless you shop online) In one of our all time favorite holidays its best to go all out and at least rock a little green. From leprechaun hats to Irish t-shirts it all in good fun!


Food and Drink’s

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This is something the Ireland is famous the world over. When it comes to food and drinks Dublin is a great place to pick up some of Ireland’s most delicious local products. From Guinness to cider and tea Ireland is well known for quality drinks. Looking for some Guinness chocolate? or maybe an Irish whiskey candy bar? You can mix and match many of these Irish specialties over on Carroll web site!


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This might be our favorite category as who doesn’t like hand crafted pendents and Jewelry, especially when you can always get it in the shape of a cute clover leaf. Weather your into the high end or the unique bargain you are sure to find it all on the streets of Dublin. For some of the best deals and high quality unique finds head here


Look for us to keep adding to this list and for more great gift Ideas you can just head over to the Carroll’s Irish Gifts web site 



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