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Berlin is jam packed with history and culture. come with us on the Free Berlin Tour and get a taste for what this city is all about. From both world wars to the Berlin wall. This tour is packed with information that you just wont get without it!

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THE FREE Berlin Alternative TOUR

Berlin is known for its alternative style of living, arts, and communities. Come with us on the Free Berlin Alternative tour for a behind the scenes look at this alternative Berlin world. Visit many famous works of street art, and see how locals are building an alternative life style right here in Berlin.

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Berlin is a massive city and the best way to learn your way around and see all the sites is on bike. So come meet up with some local guides and hit the streets on the Free Berlin Bike Tour. This tour is the best way to pack as many historical Berlin landmarks in one tour!

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The Free Offical Berlin Tours Berlin City Sightseeing Guide is an essential bit of travel kit. Learn the best-hidden areas and historical landmarks that cover this massive city. From some of the best areas for famous street art to the craziest city parks, you will ever see. Berlin does indeed do things a little different so get a step up on the rest of the tourist and learn about our city before you travel. The Free Berlin City SightSeeing Guide comes with a free Berlin Walking Map, complete with some of our favorite locations and landmarks.


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Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe to explore. The many different areas and vastness of the Berlin capital have lead to numerous amazing places to visit. The city is also scattered with bits of history from Prussia to the Berlin wall. There is no city or people like this anywhere else!

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Best Tour Dates & Days

Berlin is the tale of two cities. The whole city heads outside in the summer months. This transforms Berlin’s sidewalks and parks into the best places in town. Numerous open-air areas come alive and the locals are geniuses at making use of city space. During the winter people tend to stick indoors. This does not make it a bad time to visit. Berlin is full of crazy bars, shops, and historical buildings that are great in the winter. Another massive draw is the world famous Christmas Markets that open their gates many weeks before the actual holiday. Berlin is great year round, just pack for the weather and remember Free Berlin Tours run year round!


Why Travel to Berlin

Berlin has some of Germany’s most notable landmark. The city has been carved out by its past, and the local residents are like no other in the country. Rising from the rubble after World War Two and the Berlin Wall has created a truly unique place like no other on earth. The numerous historic landmarks make Berlin great for History buffs. The endless amount of urban exploring that is possible here makes it great for the city explorer. However, we think the number one draw of Berlin is the culture. This place really is unique and you can feel it right away. Come explore the culture of Berlin on a free Berlin Alternative Tour.


Touristic Impact

Berlin is a city with many different neighborhoods. Each one is set up a little different and has different expectations. Well, some may be loud and noisy full of cafes and nightlife. Others are more residential with spotted places of note or things to visit. The tourism flow has shaped many of these neighborhoods and constantly changes and threatens to expand into residential neighborhoods causing conflicts with locals and tourists. These problems can be easily avoided by knowing where you are and respecting the city. For more information on how to minimize your touristic impact ask your local guide.