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Come explore Barcelona with us on the Free Barcelona Tour. This is the best way to learn your way around the city while visiting some of the cities most notable landmarks.

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THE FREE Barcelona Alternative TOUR

Barcelona has many well kept secrets that many tourists never know about or never find. Come with us on the Free Barcelona Alternative tour as we discover some of Barcelona's street art, alternative living, and counter culture areas!

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THE FREE Barcelona Bike TOUR

The Best way to learn your way around Barcelona is on Bike. Come join our local guides as they explore the streets of Barcelona on Bike with the Free Barcelona Bike Tour. This tour visits many local hotspots and famous Barcelona landmarks!

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Get your Free Offical Barcelona Tours, Barcelona City Guide now, our team has compiled information on the city’s best beaches, nightlife, food, and landmarks. It comes with a Free Walking Map with all of the best places highlighted. Barcelona is one of Europes most popular tourist destinations so finding out the hidden spots and must see places is an effective way to avoid getting trapped in the tourist lines.


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Get to know some of the best beaches in the city. Find out where the best tapas is, and brush up on all the Barcelona history and landmarks. These guys have explored it all!

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Best Tour Dates & Days

Barcelona experiences huge swings in tourist traffic, with the busiest times of the year being the warm summer and fall months. However unannounced to many the city kind of shuts down in the hottest month of August. This is when many locals take a break from the city heat and go on holiday. If your looking to beat the crowds and don’t mind if the beach weather isn’t perfect visit Barcelona in early spring or winter and enjoy viewing the city with way fewer people. Our free tours run year round and adapt to local events and times of the year. Making a free tour always a great first step to exploring Barcelona. LEARN MORE

Why Travel to Barcelona

Well, you really only need to take a look at the stunning beaches and amazing weather to see the appeal of this beachside town. However, there is so much more to Barcelona then initially meets the eye. As the capital of the Catalonia region, Barcelona has a rich history and culture unlike many other big cities in Spain. There is so much to see and this city has some amazing monuments and architecture. Most tourist flock to the same couple of beaches and areas, but exploring more of the city can be even more rewarding than getting your perfect tan. Barcelona truly is one of the best places to visit. LEARN MORE

Touristic Impact

Barcelona is in the midst of a battle with its tourist population. In the summer months, the city has seen the visitors swell to more than what the locals can handle. Many tourists don’t bother to recognize residential neighborhoods and local cultural traditions. Noisy and drunk tourist have been met with buckets of water from angry local balconies and signs can be seen posted around local communities advertising “Barcelona is not for sale” and “We will not be driven out.” Recently the city has cracked down on illegal accommodation in an attempt to control numbers. Barcelona is a great place to visit and the city will welcome you with open arms, as long as you respect the city, the city will respect you. Join a free tour to meet local guides and find out the best ways to minimize your tourist impact. LEARN MORE