Bačvice beach Split Croatia

Split Is famous for its beaches and rightfully so. This summer paradise has many to chose from, but one of our favorites is Bačvice beach.  Known as one of Split’s most popular beaches. This warm summer getaway is well worth the visit. Situated around 1 kilometer away from the center of Split. The beach is easy to walk to, offers great views, and is one of the reasons many people come to Split.

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Crowded Bacvice Beach

The beach can get quite crowded and at times not just the sandy bits. During peak time even the low water level can be full with locals and foreigners. Many playing games or swimming. One of the games the locals like is called Picigin, which involves keeping a small ball in the air using only your hands. So well the beach is sandy and there is almost always plenty of sun. Be sure to get their early and stake out your claim to a nice bit of sand. Alternatively you can rent sun chairs, and sunshade for about 20 Kuna per day, but make sure you get there early for these as they will almost always sell out.

Picigin Player

Bačvice beach offers some great amenities as well. There is a coffee bar located on the beach offering up warm and cold drinks alike to beach goers. So you won’t have to walk to far if you make it down early in the morning. For those that build up an apittie sitting in the sun or swimming around,  about 100 meters south of the beach is a pizzeria making fresh pizza daily. We think its well worth a visit..

Less Crowded Beach

Although Bačvice beach is one of Split’s most popular beaches and therefore most crowded. This actually is for a reason as some of the surrounding beaches like Ovcice beach has very little sandy spots where you can put a towel and will fill up instantly in the morning. So if your looking for a great place to hang out in Split, look no further than Bačvice beach.







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