Art Galleries In Prague

Prague is a city filled with art everywhere. The street corners are filled with street artist. It has played host to some of the greatest artist ever lived. The buildings itself have been considered a work of art. There are many galleries with differnet styles all over the city. The good news is a lot of them are free so it’s worth checking them out. Here is a list of some free galleries worth visiting.


Holečkova 49, Smíchov, Prague 5

Open: 12:00pm-7:00pm Wednesday- Sunday

Futura has become one of the top ranking galleries in prague. The gallery is a three floror exhibition space with a total area of 1,000 m². It plays host to numerous and internationally respected artists from Czech republic aswell as abroad. It host both large collectives and solo shows. The exhibiton spaces ranges from white cubes to atmospheric cellar rooms, with a labyrinthe series of nooks devoted to video works and a project room showcasing experiemental shows.

Galerie Jelení

Drtinova 15, Smíchov, Prague 5

Open: 3:00pm-6:00pm Tuesday – Thursday

This gallery is known for putting on a steady stream of experiemental shows including students exhibition. If your want to catch the work of upcoming artist. This is the gallery to attend. It is completey free and worth a visit.

Galerie Display

Bubenská 3, Holešovice, Prague 7

Open: 3:00pm-6:00pm Wednesday-Sunday

This gallery shop front is covered in Graffiti. It is located in one of the more Urban parts of Prague. It opened in 2001 making it one of the newer galleries available. The prjoects exhibited here are mostly from independant artist. It is known for risk taking exhibitions which often connects Prague audiences with young artists from other European countries.


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