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Free Amsterdam Tour walking city


The Free Amsterdam Tour is your ticket to explore the capital of the Netherlands. Join our local guides as we hit the streets and visit some of the city's most well known land marks.

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THE FREE Amsterdam Bike TOUR

The Amsterdam Bike tour is your ticket to explore the capital of The Netherlands. Join our local guides as we hit the streets and visit some of the city's most well known land marks.

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THE FREE Amsterdam Alternative TOUR

The Free Amsterdam Alternative tour is your chance to see the hidden side of the city. Come get a look at some of the best street art and alternative culture in Amsterdam.



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Best Tour Dates & Days

Amsterdam experiences all four seasons. The busiest time of year is June- August with the slowest time being the colder winter months. Both times are great to visit but don’t pass over a winter trip when you can enjoy the biggest tourist sites without the massive crowds. We run a free tour every day in Amsterdam 365 days a year. We have also partnered up with some of the best tour companies in town. For specific dates and times choose one of the tours above.


Why Travel to Amsterdam

Amsterdam truly is unlike any other place on earth. The city attracts some of the most hardened travelers and explorers. Attracted by the famous coffee shops, the world renowned beer, and the red light district. The city is famous for its unmatched nightlife scene and remains one of Europes most well-known adult playgrounds. Amsterdam is also full of world history. From wooden shoes to tulips, Vincent Van Gough and the UNESCO Heritage Canal system. Amsterdam is a must-visit.


Touristic Impact

Amsterdam has historically been one of Europes most visited cities and that trend continues today. Although many reforms have taken place over the years and much of the city is historically very safe. There are still many issues facing the city. Locals have battled with drug tourism and large groups of misbehaving tourist for years, and the local government is now considering banning foreigners from all coffee shops. Find out the right way to explore this amazing city by Downloading our free guide or joining us on a free Amsterdam Walking Tour.