7 Reasons Thailand Next Party Trip

Have you seen YouTube videos and clips about crazy Pool Parties and Beach Parties with over 70% beautiful girls? These things don’t happen just online, it’s actually happening in Thailand every night! Really, it is!!! Bangkok has the most vibrant nightlife of Southeast Asia – no wonder that it’s the world number 1 visited city with over 11 million tourists a year.

  1. You will feel like a King

Once you step down from the airplane, you feel that you just landed in paradise. Thailand, known as the land of smiles welcomes you immediately and you feel like a King.

  1. Big Partys on low budgetsamsterdam pub crawl city

It’s weird, but you never have to go to the ATM a second time – even though you are constantly eating outside, taking taxis, having massages and opening bottles in the nightclubs.

  1. Skybars overlooking the Metropole

Bangkok has a huge choice of skybars located on the last floor of 60 story skyscrapers giving you a perfect start into your night.

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  1. Partys in all kind of styles

No matter if you are more of a clubber or more a bar crawler; Bangkok offers everything! Bustling Nightclubs with several floors, lazershows, special effects, models dancing in cages or conversely the famous Backpacker street “Kaoh San Road” full of youngsters dancing on the streets with a bucket of alcohol until the morning hours.

  1. Fullmoonparty

A beachparty with over 30’000 Thai and foreign tourists partying on a 2 km long white sand beach full of bars, clubs, fireshows and entertainment! This is the famous fullmoonparty taking place once a month on Ko Phan Ngan Island.

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  1. Thai-girls love western guys

Yes, Thailand is famous for its Sextourism – but this is one part of the story. The other part is that many rich beautiful Thai girls actually just want to have fun with western guys – it is not uncommon to be invited for a drink by a girl here. Guys, you will finally know how it feels to be a girl going out in Europe!;-)

  1. You will not even fell your Hangover next day

Thailand is the paradise for Spa and Massages. After a big night, you will get to enjoy 60 min. Massage for as low as 5 EUR! Alternatively, you can hangout on a rooftop pool on any decks of Bangkoks buildings. – This are just few facts of Thailand – without talking about the world’s best kitchen, beautiful beaches and the clear water making a snorkeling trip unforgettable.

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