7 Must Try Cafés in Paris to Gratify Your Taste Buds

Paris excels in its culture of coffee. From open terraces to local café bars, you have a grand welcome if you are a coffee lover.

Cafés in Paris

One of the amazing facts about the cafés in Paris is that they do not just serve you cookies and coffee. The French themselves are open to experiment by inviting the taste of new generation.

Today, most parts of the city run on the flavors of American and Australian baristas. Some of these café houses take their espresso making skills quite seriously. This has inspired the French to travel across the countries and understand the business of coffee bean plantations. After a deep understanding, most business of importing and roasting the Arabica beans are done by French themselves. More number of coffee shops is opening every month to satisfy the quest of coffee lovers.

The Craze of Coffee in Paris



The people of Paris are developing the taste of coffee, irrespective of the season and occasion. The various coffee houses have helped in creating an environment of aestheticism, where coffee is the best drink to enjoy with friends.

Although, Paris is rich in its cultural heritage, the friendly French adore whatever comes to their taste buds. Considering the fact that people are open to taste something different, you will find that the café houses have a range of food, where you can enjoy the French cuisine with a great delicacy.

7 Must Try Café houses in Paris to Gratify Your Taste Buds

  1. La Caféothèque


Pursue your conversations and decisions at this beautiful place, located across the river from the Ile St.-Louis. The beans are roasted on a daily basis in a huge yellow roaster right away. The aromas from this coffee house will magnetize you.

  1. Ô Paris


This gorgeous location is based at the top of the Parc de Belleville with a huge terrace. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Paris city from the peak of this place. The views include the Eiffel Tower. Moreover, the drinks, beverages and food are reasonably priced for your comfort.

  1. Le Comptoir du Relias


Le Comptoir du Relais is well renowned by the name of the famous chef Yves Camdeborde. Expect delicious mouthwatering flavors on week nights directly from the chef’s menu. It may get reserved sooner than you expect and so, booking advance reservations will help you to stay connected with the hotel peacefully.

  1. La Mer à Boire


Feel the experience of being at the top of the world by sitting at one of the highest points in Paris. A largely paved terrace, super tempting beverages, and the young local crowd, gives you every reason to be here. To add more to the delight, this orange colored café offers free Wi-Fi to its guests, has a gallery for cartoonists and graphic novelists. It also consist a small concert hall to inspire young musicians, who display their interests and talents on weekends.

  1. Bercy Village


Have you ever thought of sipping nice warm coffee in a typical style on the streets of typical village? Bercy Village brings you a similar ambience, where you can shop from famous brands, huge cinema, Arts museum, and amazing food. Experience the feeling of fine dining in this nice warm cozy place and in a French style.

  1. Café Constant


After constant appreciations and compliments received from its regular guests, Café Constant remains on the top. Include flavorful soups, steaks, and profiteroles in a sensational style. Although, the space is scarce, the staff and the service are amicable.

  1. Lo Zio


Flat Italian bread filled with cheese, veggies, and charcuteries make a perfect starter of the day. The presentation is inspired and relished originally by the cousins Christophe and Pierre-Louis. Do not miss the palatable dessert of Nutella and banana piadina.

Among the unlimited things to do in Paris, chillaxing in one of the above Cafés is a hit among the tourists visiting this city of lights. Also special menu options are made available during the Festivals in Paris.


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